Monday, May 31, 2010

May 30: A well-loved skirt

Yesterday I realized I needed to mix thing up a bit and wear a me-made item that hasn't gotten a lot of love recently.  So I dug up this skirt that I made about five years ago, from a dress that I made about five years before that.  The fabric was given to me by my Grandmother, one of the last pieces of material she had from when she still sewed.  I've always been attracted to the bright colors of the print, and the very fine transparent gauze fabric.  

Wearing the skirt reminded me that it's time to remake it once more, into a more durable, better lined garment.  The skirt that I made from the fabric last time was put together in a hurry, by making a basic casing using the lining fabric, and inserting a ribbon to cinch it up.  The construction neither looks very attractive, nor benefits the delicate fabric.  After wearing it belted at my natural waist, I think the next go-round I will make this into a high waisted skirt, using a nice cotton voile for lining, darts to shape the back and some gentle pleats to add dimension to the front.

 A very sad casing indeed...   
                        But a very pretty fabric!              

Here's how I wore it:
Black Leotard - had it forever
where did it come from?
Skirt by me
Belt - Thrifted
Gladiators - 80%20


  1. Aren't you glad you didn't chuck it? The way you belted it, paper bag style, is very cool.

  2. Thanks, Kristin! Now if I can only find some white cotton voile to re-line it, I can wear it all the time. It's not yet fit for wearing in public...