Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Free Patterns from German BurdaStyle

Hmm... what do we have here?  It looks like Burda (via has some new free patterns up.  Don't get too excited though, as one of them seems to be a tutorial? to create a pair of destroyed jeans like the ones Carrie/Sarah Jessica Parker wears in SATC II.  

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The photo on the right is Burda's interpretation.  I don't know they're just not the same without the Uggs and tiara-headband are they?  heh.  Well, if you're still interested, you can find the tutorial? pattern? here.  Be forewarned, you will need to register as a user on the site first.  

Now for the good news!  Burda has also gifted us a lovely blouse pattern available here.  
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I'm glad to see a couple new free patterns up on the site, but I hope they will also add patterns for purchase, as I've let my subscription lapse again.  I really miss the old Burda World of Fashion some days, as the new trendy reincarnation of the magazine is not as satisfying.  If I'm going to spend the time sewing my own togs, I don't usually pick very trendy styles.  

That said, I am still hoping for a pattern for the pleated trousers featured in the June issue.  After a closer look at the technical drawing, though, I suppose I could try my hand at drafting something similar myself.

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Alright, that's enough of my rambling.  This has been a nice break from outfit posts, no?  Now back to cutting out some new projects!  Happy sewing :)


  1. Hi,
    The link to the new burda style de free top pattern doesn't seem to work. Really like this pattern - think I'll need to brush up on my german though!

  2. Hi Daydreamer, thanks for letting me know :) I've updated the link to point to the right page.

    There is a bit of a language barrier here, isn't there? I have to admit that I do not know much German myself. That is what is for!

  3. I'm not sure about the pants .... One would need Really thin hips to pull these off !