Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Full Floral Skirt

Another month has past without a single blog post.  I can't believe I've been so lax.  Or maybe I can.  I've spent much of the last month straightening things out for a big move in August.  I have been making time to sew, but the projects I've chosen… Let's just call them high maintenance-- as in I've spent more time hunting for buttons than sewing!  

On the bright side, I found the right project to give me a little instant gratification while I wait for those buttons to materialize.  Using some gray floral poplin I bought from and Verypurpleperson's very excellent easy full skirt tutorial, I made this: 

Styled with...
Racer-back pocket tank - Uniqlo
Drapey Silk Cardigan - TJ Maxx
Gladiators - 80%20

And one last shot-- testing out the twirl factor of the new skirt...
It looks like a keeper to me!

I should add that I made a couple modifications to my full skirt.  The waistband was created just like a self-fabric casing, only i left about 2 inches above the casing to make the paper bag effect.  I also added side-seam pockets in a contrasting (vivid fuchsia) fabric.  All skirts must have pockets!

It feels so good to finally finish a new project, and to be able to twirl in it.  What type of projects do pick when you're looking for a quick sewing fix?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 31: All good things come to an end

I can't believe Me-Made-May is over!  The time has gone by so quickly.  My challenge to myself was to wear one self-made garment each day of the month, and I'm proud to say that I did achieve that goal.  This has certainly been the longest period of time in which I've worn something I made each day.  So often I cultivate a love-hate relationship with the clothing I make.  I'll stop sewing for weeks, months, unsatisfied with my own creations-- despite how hard I worked to design and sew them in the first place.  

If there's one thing that I've learned from Me-Made-May, it's that most of the garments I've made are actually very versatile pieces.  I may need to make a few more pieces in order to create an entire wardrobe, as I don't have very many basics.  Instead of making practical, wear-with-anything pieces, I tend to pick the most intriguing patterns (or fabric).  The end product of this approach?  Mostly stand-alone pieces, unless I'm feeling very daring.  And Me-Made-May has made me daring!  I have learned that it is just as easy to throw on a self-made ensemble as it is to put on the workhorse jeans and t-shirt.  Not only is it easy, it also makes me feel more confident about my sewing.

Here's what I wore:

Swiss-dot overblouse by me
Black shell (worn under) by me
Shorts - Cynthia Steffe 
Gladiators - 80%20

The overblouse is the one new item I finished this weekend.  This is one of those projects that was in my head for the longest time before I finally made it.  And, it only took one day, for both cutting out and sewing! I will share more details soon :)