Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24 & 25

I had a very busy weekend and did not have a chance to take pictures of what I wore either day.  Are you wondering what could possibly keep me away from both my sewing machine AND my camera?  Well, after three long years of law school, it was Rem's graduation weekend.  I was kept occupied posing for many photos taken by others, but didn't manage to catch any on my own camera.  Hopefully I can track down some of those lovely photos, so I can show you how my navy dotted dress finally turned out!  Until then, here is what I wore so far this week: 

May 24:
Peach top by me
Rust skirt by me
Necklace - Tord Boontje's Charming
Full outfit last seen here

May 25: 
Striped top by me
Khaki trousers - Gap
Sandals - Birki's

Even though I'm not doing the full challenge of wearing all handmade clothing items, at this point in the month I feel like I've nearly worn all possible me-made combinations in my wardrobe.  The good news is this has forced me to come up with a few new outfits, and to face wardrobe shortcomings head-on, rather than copping out and reaching for denim bottoms and a jersey tee each morning.  Oh, and I'm seriously looking forward to some quality sewing/project completion time this [long] weekend.

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