Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 28: Sapphire Blouse and Soup

Yesterday my sapphire blouse made its debut for Me-Made-May.  Since I have not yet made many trousers, I did wear a pair that were store bought.  This is a problem I hope to remedy in the near future, as the fabric quality of these trousers is not so hot, AND all the pockets in them are fake.  What?!  Why would you make four completely ornamental pockets on pants?  Seriously--I have more functional skirts! Oh, and speaking of functional skirts, have you seen Caroline Woolard's The Work Dress on BurdaStyle?  Very cool.

Sapphire Blouse by me
Lace Camisole - Kohl's
Cropped Trousers - The Limited
Ballet Flats - Me Too via Filene's

In addition to my daily Me-Made-May rambles, here are some photos of what I made for dinner last night: Three-Step Lentil Soup and Artichoke with Mayo-Balsamic dip.  What a lovely way to begin the long weekend!

Assorted Herbs
And then we had an aftertizer: fancy, I know ;)

Thanks for stopping by-- please come back later for today's outfit and some sewing updates!

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