Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I wore, May 11

Today was another one-piece me-made day.  What the me-made-may challenge has taught me so far is that I don't make myself many coordinating pieces.  Most of the clothes I make are stand alone pieces and do not necessarily play well with the other articles of clothing I've made.  Take this sweater, for instance.  I first fell in love with the silver hued cotton yarn, and then forgot to think beyond to what I would wear it with.  Sadly, the sweater does not get much wear, especially since it is 100% cotton and very heavy.  The asymmetrical closure is very dear to me though, and I'm thinking I should try the pattern again with some Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

Sweater by me, gilet asymetrique pattern from Phildar
Purple gingham blouse - GAP, from ages ago
Trousers - Esprit

My current sewing project was a bit fussy tonight, and so I have had to delay photos one more day.  Can't wait to show and tell!  Goodnight :)

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