Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Better Late than Never

I don't know how I have fallen so far behind in posting!  This past weekend was very busy, leaving me too exhausted even to upload photos.  I did make sure to take the photos, at least, so that I can share them with you.  Here are me-made-may days 13-17:

May 13:
Blouse by me (Burda 117 from 8/09)
Black turtleneck - thrifted
Jeans - DKNY via TJMaxx
Boots - Timberland via Piperlime

On May 14 I neglected to take a photo, as I was feeling a bit sick.  
Here is the dress I wore, with black boots and my black cardi:

Ah, and then there was the weekend.  The lovely, lovely weekend!  On Saturday we trekked out to Virginia to hear some traditional Irish music at Ireland's Four Provinces
May 15:
Tunic by me
Leggings by me
Boots - Timberland via Piperlime

Sunday found us busing further out into Virginia to tour Hillsborough Vineyards.  And gave me a chance to model my most recent Burda pattern conquest (118B from 3/2010).  
May 16:
Jacket by me
Striped Tunic Top by me
Jeans - DKNY via TJMaxx
Sandals - Birkenstock

Ta Da!  A close-up of my new top:

And then it was back to work on Monday. 
[Cue The Mamas and the papas Monday, monday]
May 17:
Top - Filene's
Necklace - Macy's 
Matte Jersey Pocket Skirt by me
Leggings by me (from BurdaStyle's Carol pattern)

I've done a few variations on this red, white and black theme now.  I must say, while I can tell I'm wearing out the concept, it's just so easy to throw on a combination of items in these colors and come out with a (decent) look with minimal effort.  Perfect for Mondays!

See you later tonight for a recap of today's outfit!

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