Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have you ever seen a skirt with such a jaunty bow?

Remember the skirt I was working on from this April's Burda?  It's finished!

I'm also much happier with the color than I expected to be-- I didn't use this poplin for so long because the rust color reminded me of place mats from c. 1974.  As it turns out, it's a nice color when styled properly!

This was such a quick and satisfying sew.  I highly recommend the pattern.  If you like the pattern but are concerned about the different sizing (Burda calls this a "tall" pattern), read the tall size chart and then go ahead and make a muslin.  It was hard for me to tell what makes this pattern different from the standard sized ones-- I should think that subtracting 1-2 inches from the hem would make all the difference.

The only glitch that delayed the arrival of my rusty skirt was a tension issue with my machine (see photo below).  I am the proud owner of a Pfaff 1475cd, and though I love it dearly, sometimes I just can't figure out why it throws these temper tantrums.  This particular issue was fixed after several test swatches, readjusting the bobbin tension, changing needles, and finally upping the tension to 6.0 (In the past, I've never had it set above 3-4).

[loops of pain]

I should also mention that I made the top I'm wearing too!  It's from Burda 2/2009, one of my favorite issues.


  1. Very nice! It looks great on you and good job at tying the bow (I'm horrible at it!!)