Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stash overflow and ambitious sewing

The wall behind my sewing machine is meant to display projects that I am presently working on.  Due to my lack of sewing ambition over the past few months, it looks more like a holding pattern.  Today I am determined to fix this.  The floral dress in the middle?  That's a half-finished Shari.  I wasn't sure how to finish the middle section of the dress, as I had originally wanted to add piping at the edges.  Over a year later, I think I'll be happy just to finish.

Hmm...and here you see the antique rocker adjacent to my sewing niche.  It is covered in fabric — fabric that should be in the fabric cabinet pictured below:

These pictures were taken after this morning's cleaning spree.  I either need to do a lot more sewing before my trip to LA, or start giving fabric away.  Hopefully the latter option won't be necessary.  

Time for a quick lunch break (Vegetarian chili with oven-broiled tomatoes with a side of skillet cornbread), a cup of tea and then... Shari time!


  1. look at you!!! you have a stash! congrats! :-)

  2. all of your creations are so lovely!! xx