Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Updates

Some photos I took a few days ago before the current heat wave.  This week I have been doing evening garden checks, to see how the plants are surviving the hot temperatures.  By the time evening hits, my chard has wilted to the ground!  The plants eventually revive, but it does take a couple hours.  

Eggplant Ichiban

Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Pepper plants are such fruitful producers here, so much that in the past we have ended up throwing many of them away.  This is one garden product that's best in small amounts!  I pickled some of the Serrano peppers last week, using David Leibovitz's recipe.  A brief word of warning though: vinegar really intensifies peppers' heat.  I had previously added a whole chopped serrano to a burrito, and hardly noticed it.  Then I decided that since they weren't terribly spicy, I could probably eat a pepper straight from the day old brine.  Big mistake!  After part of one pepper my mouth was on fire, and it took about an hour to knock down the sizzle.  If you pickle your peppers, use them carefully :)
Pickled Serrano Peppers

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