Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short Style

Let me begin by saying that I do not usually wear shorts.  You might think my hesitance is in part due to my inability to achieve the adequate amount of summer tanned-skin.  In truth this is my least concern when in comes to bearing my naked gams in short pants. They leave more of my legs bare than I am comfortable exposing, allowing my skin to stick to bus seats and diner booths.  They also expose my lower half to the elements; Not always a good idea as I get cold easily-- which explains why I enjoy stepping into a sun warmed car after prolonged periods of time in air conditioning.

Despite my reservations on shorts, I do own two pairs of of pleat-front, cuffed shorts.  They fit my body type (pear/dewdrop) and style (more Audrey Hepburn than Brigitte Bardot) better than any old denim cutoffs.  

Pullover: Yoon
Shorts: Mossimo 
Loafers: MTNG

Lately I've been planning a summer shorts wardrobe update.  There are so many cute styles to try.  Here are my most recent favorites-- please follow the links for fabulous sources of inspiration!
1. Scalloped shorts, 2. Popomomo shorts, 3. Summer white - lace shorts, 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs ombre shorts

I hope you're keeping cool!  Here it's almost too hot to sew, but I still have some projects in the works, and one recent FO from the Drape Drape books that I can't wait to share... 

Happy sewing :)

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