Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm still here!

I was preparing a couple new blog posts for this week and realized that I never shared pictures of my entries for the Vintage Modern Challenge.  How could it have already been three months ago?!!  I made a lace shift dress and a pleated skirt for the challenge, both with contrast piping.  Have a look:  

I will admit, while they are both nice pieces, neither skirt nor dress has made it into my weekly rotation of favorite outfits.  Maybe this will help me learn my lesson about participating in contests.  I really do get the most out of my sewing when I develop the entire idea, not just the choice of fabric and design elements.  

Anyhow, definitely time to clean out my wardrobe!  I'd just like to figure out how to find new homes for some of my hand made clothes.  It's just so hard to imagine giving them away to Goodwill, after all the long hours put in.  How do you come to terms with purging lovingly made clothes from your closet?  Please share your thoughts, and happy sewing :)

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