Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drape Drape Project Updates

Remember this spring when I mentioned how much I wanted to sew up some projects from the Drape Drape books?  Well, I have made a couple things, and had just put off taking photos.  Bad, bad me!  

The two pieces I've completed are a dress and a tunic.  The dress was made with navy ponte knit from Fabricmart, and the tunic was made with bamboo fabric from Banasch Fabrics in Cinci.  It was really interesting to work with a woven bamboo fabric, as I had only previously worked with knits.  In fact, it's a lot like linen, only a bit more crisp, and very comfortable to wear in the summer months.

Speaking of summer, it's pretty safe to say that season is over.  The leaves here in Ohio are slowly turning shades of pumpkin, crimson and burgundy, and the nights now are just right for cozy sweaters, bonfires, and snuggling under the covers.  I am inspired to clean out my box of yarn and dig out the old knitting needles.  Wardrobe essentials have shifted from slight sundresses to soft sweaters.  

Spotify picks of the week:

Autumn Sweater- Yo la Tengo
The Start of Something- Voxtrot
North by North- Faded Paper Figures

Happy sewing!

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