Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flutter Sleeve Cardi

Another beautiful weekend in DC! Thanks to the fact that it did not rain (or hail) yesterday as predicted, I was able to make time for a photo shoot. I have been meaning to take some photos of this cardi for a long time. Not only is it cute, but it’s super easy to make. I made the pattern by expanding upon a basic raglan-sleeved top, enlarging the sleeves and adding a front placket, pockets, and wide band at the hem. The pockets are no trouble at all, as they are integrated into the side and placket seams. The garment is finished with a final pressing rather than topstitching, to neaten the seams.

This is a very versatile cardi, and I have worn it more frequently than I originally expected. I really like the way it looks belted, though it can also be worn open--next time I will finish the inside seams better so that this is an option! My plan is to post the pattern on Burda Style soon, although I’m tempted to just sketch up some instructions. The best part? It’s not nearly as complicated as it might look. I even left the sleeves un-hemmed.

See below for more details:

I am still working on muslins for the 1930s blouses, never fear. More about that project later...


  1. wow that is gorgeous!!! i really need to improve my sewing skills

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! The cardigan was pretty easy to make. I will post at least a sketch-up of pieces by this weekend, and hopefully upload a pattern to Burda Style as soon as I stop being so lazy!

  3. So where did you end up posting the pattern? I can't find it here or on burdastyle and I love this cardigan!

  4. Hi Heather! The pattern is up on BurdaStyle Here:

    And Here:

    I posted the PDF on Scribd after noticing that there were issues with downloading from Burdastyle. All the instructions are at the first link :)